End Of The World News Episode March 20, 2014

Broadcast on 20-Mar-2014

8:00am - 10:00am

Landslide Lauren and Grahame chat about the (de)volution of Canadian Diplomacy and CIDA, challenging the assumption that subsidizing big business is good for everyone, and that foreign 'development' of this kind is (and should be?!) good for 'Canadians'. A look at Honduras as a case study.
Also, debunking myths about Venezuela. .. let them eat cake!

Track List: 70% Canadian!

Black Atlass - Jewels-Young Bloods EP
Tor - Nomad-Drum Therapy
Oaka - Realign Mars-Luminosity Project prototype
DRUGZNDREAMZ - Can't keep Your Mind Off-Remix ft. Ellie Fletcher
Saulya - Valentine-Soundcloud
Escar - Hold it Within-Escar
Daft Punk - End of the Line-Tron: Legacy
Perkulat0r - Nebulous-Soundcloud
Drake - Wu-Tang Forever-Shash'u remix
Autem Sound - Syno-out/syno
Le Youth - C O O L-Ben Pearce Remix
Vindata (Featuring Kenzie May) - All I Really Need-...For One To Follow

Track Listing:

Black Atlass · Young Bloods EP
Tor · Drum Therapy
Realign Mars
Oaka · Luminosity Project prototype
Can't keep Your Mind Off
DRUGZNDREAMZ · Remix ft. Ellie Fletcher
Saulya · Soundcloud
Hold it Within
Escar · Escar
End of the Line
Daft Punk · Tron: Legacy
Perkulat0r · Soundcloud
Wu-Tang Forever
Drake · Shash'u remix
Autem Sound · out/syno
Le Youth · Ben Pearce Remix
All I Really Need
Vindata (Featuring Kenzie May) · ...For One To Follow