End Of The World News Episode March 6, 2014

Broadcast on 06-Mar-2014

8:00am - 10:00am

Landslide Lauren tells you all about her foray into CiTR broadcasting, why she loves the station and why you should help! CiTR: your COUNTER-STREAM... let's make like salmon and fight for our survival!
In the second hour, scary proposed anti-democratic voter legislation.. here in Canada. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives .... why we love taxes! Maude Barlow's new book: Blue Future. AND, all about Briarpatch Magazine and the town of Pinehouse's courting collaboration with... the uranium mining sector.

Track List:

the passenger - end of nod-Negative Object EP
Sugar Pill - Delirious-Summer Heat
Jhene Aiko - Burning Man (3:16pm)-Soundcloud
Tame Impala - Mind Mischief (cover )-Londerism
Moontricks - Soul Mechanics-Robo-Acoustics
Noble Oak - Dissolve-Away
Rhye - Woman-Eprom remix
Phaeleh - Mantra-Fallen Light
Pink Floyd - Brain Damage-Atomic Reactor

Track Listing:

end of nod
the passenger · Negative Object EP
Sugar Pill · Summer Heat
Burning Man (3:16pm)
Jhene Aiko · Soundcloud
Mind Mischief (cover )
Tame Impala · Londerism
Soul Mechanics
Moontricks · Robo-Acoustics
Noble Oak · Away
Rhye · Eprom remix
Phaeleh · Fallen Light
Brain Damage
Pink Floyd · Atomic Reactor