End Of The World News Episode February 20, 2014

Broadcast on 20-Feb-2014

8:00am - 10:00am

Feature Landslide Lauren chat with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapist Marshall Wilensky. On the effects and ramifications of PTSD, societal trauma, and fostering resilience moving forward.

Track List:

Vancouver Sleep Clinic GXNXVS - Hold On Were Going Home-Drake cover
Le Moti x Nibz - 107th Floor-Soundcloud
Gypsy Mamba - WTF AM I DOIN-Soundcloud
Sa'eed - Satellite-Luna EP
Seb Woldblood - Barcelona-ft. Leo Naylor
Zero Tolerance ft Steo - Walk Away-JF Killlah & Eradik Remix
Persian Empire - To Na Bi-Souncloud
Kamandi - Gifted-Suga Suga Bootleg
Tulpa - T o r-Soundcloud
Hannah Georgas - Enemies-Them Stars Remix
The Vandettas - The Truth-the passenger remix
Hokusai Collective - Parallel Heights-Sampler
Kline - Peek-A-Boo-Mirror EP

Track Listing:

Hold On Were Going Home
Vancouver Sleep Clinic GXNXVS · Drake cover
107th Floor
Le Moti x Nibz · Soundcloud
Gypsy Mamba · Soundcloud
Sa'eed · Luna EP
Seb Woldblood · ft. Leo Naylor
Walk Away
Zero Tolerance ft Steo · JF Killlah & Eradik Remix
To Na Bi
Persian Empire · Souncloud
Kamandi · Suga Suga Bootleg
T o r
Tulpa · Soundcloud
Hannah Georgas · Them Stars Remix
The Truth
The Vandettas · the passenger remix
Parallel Heights
Hokusai Collective · Sampler
Kline · Mirror EP