End Of The World News Episode January 30, 2014

Broadcast on 30-Jan-2014

8:00am - 10:00am

More than just empty calories: According to Dr. Lustig and others it's poison. This episode addresses the science and politics of sugar and explains why we have another tobacco industry on our hands.

Track List:

The Belle Game - Tradition-8prn Edit
Shamik - Outskirts-Within EP
Justa Ghost - Had Enough-The Ghost Tape
Radiohead - Reckoner-Koda cover
Stwo - Money Tree$-Ft. Fitzroy
SoCool - Chaos A-Soundcloud
Adam Shaikh - (one who serves the bass)-Bass Wallah
Brandy - I Wanna Be Down-Star Ro Remix
Jai Paul - Jasmine-Paper Diamond Edit
Egyptrixx - Alta Civilization-Soundcloud
Skizzy Mars - Moments-Ft. Ms Jones
NiKit - Varia-Soundcloud