End Of The World News Episode December 5, 2013

Broadcast on 05-Dec-2013

12:00am - 12:00am

Anti-Fracking resistance builds, Bangladeshi workers set garment factory ablaze, and Pakistanis stand up to US drones. Children of War: Syria. The cost of psychological collateral in warfare, and the legacy of generations lost.

Track list

First Aid Kit - Winter is all Over you-Baauer Remix
Congi, Geode, B9 - She-Groove Booty Vol. II
Chiefs - Tsunami-Soundcloud
Ta-Ku - I hate you /we we're in love-Songs to Break Up to
Mexican Dubwiser - Trouble In My Soul-Feat Billy Gould of Faith no More
Moontricks - Robo Acoustics-Robo-Acoustics
Blood Diamonds - Barcode-Expendable Youth Remix ft Dominic Lord
Cyberoptics - Proton (clip)-Atomic
Grimes - Genesis-Krusha & Expendable Youth Remix
Numersix ft Emily Spiller - Blue Coast-Kir Mokum Remix
Dutchmassive - Simplesmente-Dutchy!
Unmap - Pitrates-Pressures
Bonobo - First Fires-Maya Jane Coles Remix

Track Listing:

Winter is all Over you
First Aid Kit · Baauer Remix
Congi, Geode, B9 · Groove Booty Vol. II
Chiefs · Soundcloud
I hate you /we we're in love
Ta-Ku · Songs to Break Up to
Trouble In My Soul
Mexican Dubwiser · Feat Billy Gould of Faith no More
Robo Acoustics
Moontricks · Robo-Acoustics
Blood Diamonds · Expendable Youth Remix ft Dominic Lord
Proton (clip)
Cyberoptics · Atomic
Grimes · Krusha & Expendable Youth Remix
Blue Coast
Numersix ft Emily Spiller · Kir Mokum Remix
Dutchmassive · Dutchy!
Unmap · Pressures
First Fires
Bonobo · Maya Jane Coles Remix