End Of The World News Episode October 3, 2013

Broadcast on 03-Oct-2013

8:00am - 10:00am

More on Iran, Nukes, A green revolution?!, meaningful work, and Idle No More!

Marty Party - Trinity-Skukuza
Collie Budz - Come Around-Minenesota Remix
Yamantaka - Queens-YT//ST
Young Braised - Murakami-Japanese Tendencies
Rudimental - Baby-Neon Steve
Tracy Chapman - Give me one reason-The Tailors djs remix
Ta-Ku - Love lost-Daughter Edit
Idle Mind - Mine-Paul Francis
BxPsoundsistema - Bouzouki Criminal-ft. Paco Mendoza
The Presets - Promises-Lifelike Remix
Jon Hopkins - Breathe this Air-Purity Ring
La Boum Fatale - Snalle-Glen Astro's Snaller Remix

Track Listing:

Marty Party · Skukuza
Come Around
Collie Budz · Minenesota Remix
Yamantaka · YT//ST
Young Braised · Japanese Tendencies
Rudimental · Neon Steve
Give me one reason
Tracy Chapman · The Tailors djs remix
Love lost
Ta-Ku · Daughter Edit
Idle Mind · Paul Francis
Bouzouki Criminal
BxPsoundsistema · ft. Paco Mendoza
The Presets · Lifelike Remix
Breathe this Air
Jon Hopkins · Purity Ring
La Boum Fatale · Glen Astro's Snaller Remix