End Of The World News Episode March 21, 2013

Broadcast on 21-Mar-2013

7:41am - 7:41am

Telefuzz - "The Financiers Of Samsara" 12:53
2 Defunk & Chaosfox - "Scatman Crothers - Keep that C… 04:40
3 Elbow - "An Audience with the Pope" 04:23
4 DJ Schmolli - "DIF Minimix" 10:47
5 Betina Bager & DJ Disse - "Cheek To Cheek ft. Fred Ast… 06:36
6 Kendra Lou & The Miracles - "Be Kind to Your Mind (Re… 06:00
7 Venetian Snares - "Abomination Street" 04:35
8 Gotan Project Meets Chet Baker - "Round About Midnight" 11:36
9 The Russian Futurists - "100 Shopping Days 'Til Christmas" 05:53
10 DJ JimiG - "Let's Not Dance Now (C+C Music Factory vs… 03:57
11 Les Momies De Palerme - "Médée" 01:15
12 Austra - "Beat And The Pulse" 01:01
13 DJ Morgoth - "Ghosts Underwear [Deadmau5 vs. Smith… 11:54
14 Delhi 2 Dublin - "Get On The Bus (Sharmaji's Sub Swara… 11:43
15 Delerium featuring Isabel Baryakdarian - "Angelicus" 27:02

Track Listing:

the finacers of samsara
tellefuz · manoevers vol 1
dj schmolli · D I F MIX
keep that coffee hot
DEFUNK &CHAOSfox · new shoes oldgrouves
An Audience with the Pope
elbow · The Seldom Seen Kid
Cheek To Cheek ft. Fred Astaire (Dub Mix)
Betina Bager & DJ Disse · Cheek To Cheek EP
Be Kind to Your Mind (Red Astaire Remix)
Kendra Lou & The Miracles · Everyday / Be Kind to Your Mind (Red Astaire Remix) - Single
Abomination Street
Venetian Snares · Chocolate Wheelchair Album
Round About Midnight
Gotan Project Meets Chet Baker · City Lounge: Paris
100 Shopping Days 'Til Christmas
The Russian Futurists · Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada Deux
Let's Not Dance Now (C+C Music Factory vs Genesis vs David Bowie)
DJ JimiG · soundcloud 12
Les Momies De Palerme · Brulez Ce Coeur
Ghosts Underwear [Deadmau5 vs. Smith & Smart]
DJ Morgoth · Mash-Up Your Bootz Vol. 6
beat and the pulse
austra · feel it break
BarryDellebuur · Full Dimensional Stereo
Get On The Bus (Sharmaji's Sub Swara Remix)
Delhi 2 Dublin · Delhi 2 Dublin Remixed
Delerium featuring Isabel Baryakdarian · Nuages Du Monde
Rhodes Knight (Remix)
Dublex Inc. · Breaking the Ice (Edition One)
Hustle Hustle
DJ Supercrunk · David Bowie & Rick Ross
Police & Thieves
The Orb Feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry · The Orbserver In The Star House
Reefer Spin in the Galaxy (supernovia at the end of the universe remix)
Reefer Spin in the Galaxy (supernovia at the end of the universe remix) · Orbscure Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld (one small step tranquility bass remix
Valley of the Shadows
Origin Unknown · Origin Unknown Present the Speed of Sound