End Of The World News Episode July 26, 2012

Broadcast on 26-Jul-2012

8:00am - 10:00am

Paleolithic Emotions, Medieval Institutions, Godlike Technology

Spank Rock, Dizzee Rascal, Flashman, Santogold, Jaidine Veda, Lights, Dominatrix, REM

Cult of Busy, Too much exercise, Olympic crowd control, Violent entertainment

Track Listing:

Kids and Explosions
Plan B
Santogold · masters of my make believe
the one
Jaidene Veda · Pices Pendulum
lights · siberia
what would you do
polyphonic spree · what would you do
the dominatrix sleeps tonight
Dominatrix · fabriclive 33 spank rock
begin the begin
rem · begin the begin
do i look like you
balkan beat box · give
catch me if you can
dizee rascal · mixtape