End Of The World News Episode April 26, 2012

Broadcast on 26-Apr-2012

8:00am - 10:00am

Miles Davis, Bobby Gentry, Lost Gospel Ensemble, fatuomata Diawara, Sister Nancy, Shinehead, The Clash, Saidah Bab Talibah, Freestylers, Jolly Boys, Braids, DJ Food

Population, Gated Communities, eradicating threat, Wild Rose, flexibility, income inequality, Israel's fence, Brevik vs Sheikh Mohammed, Norway vs Guantanamo

Track Listing:

full nelson
Miles Davis · tutu
bobby gentry · late night tales - snow patrol
the ninety nine are now one hundred
The Lost Gospel Ensemble · the meal
fatuomata Diawara
fatuomata Diawara · fatuomata Diawara
pidgeon rock
Sister Nancy · top ranking
Nora Dean · top ranking
Know how fe chat
Shinehead · top ranking
ghetto defendant
clash · top ranking
Future Farmers
Tim Gerwing · masked and Dreaming
check the skillz
Freestylers · Tektonics
Do It
Saidah Bab Talibah · (S)cream
I fought the law
The Jolly Boys · great expectations
Peach Wedding
Braids · Split