End Of The World News Episode June 9, 2011

Broadcast on 09-Jun-2011

8:00am - 10:00am

Just toons:
Nitin Sawhney, Tina Grace, Gang gang dance, congotronics, foals, hawksley, mother mother, dizzee rascal, mountain goats, glass onion, almond trees in the hills, Billie holiday

Track Listing:

rose tinted glasses
Part 2
into your heart
Josh Furey · Archaeology
almond trees over the hills
Adam Frank · Radio Stein
misc romance
fond of tigers · continent and western
fourtet · echoes and remixes
1 small step
1giant leap · 1Giant Leap 2
damn these vampires
The Mountain Goats · merge
baby don't dance
mother mother · eureka
last days of meaning
nitin sawhney · last days of meaning
First Communion
Gang Gang Dance · Saint Dymphna
sleep in trees
Tina Grace
kung fu fighting
Christopher Dedrick · childstar st
all the trees are hers
hawksley workman · between the beautifuls
solo 3
ceccarelli · Breviaire d'epuisements
blue blood
foals · pax pax pacific
Braids · Native Speaker
no one takes your freedom
Scissor Sisters Vs Beatles · Bootie Mashups
toe jam
David Byrne & Dizee Rascal · bpa
congotronics · tradi-mods vs rockers