End Of The World News Episode March 24, 2011

Broadcast on 24-Mar-2011

8:00am - 10:00am

peace is bombers

Track Listing:

time version
easy all stars · duber side of the moon
east on west
thevery corp · babylon central
gorilaz · plastic beach
electricty will keep me warm
london electricty · 12 inch single
conclusion in f min blue
guy called gerald · berlin sessions
bushido · bravo hiits
depth charge
dead by dawn · nine deadly venoms
mr beal
greg palast · armed madhouse
super power
goulash mash up · global re
nail in the wall
war this time · disc 1
shake the cosmic dice
varible unit · handbook for the apocalypse
camoflage regiment
eric idle · ruttland isles
daft punk · tron leg
robert crumb's gait
funki porcini · on
nine million bicycle's
kate melua · bravo 51
bomb the world
michael franti · everyone needs
bbc cut
bitch clinton /goulash · mash up
spirits in a material world
ben zephinayu · spirts in a dub
the house martins · from utube
i need alife
the ruffians · 4 tet remix
problem with the sun
nicolas jarr · space is only noise
water and oil
payday monsanto · itanmulli