End Of The World News Episode March 3, 2011

Broadcast on 03-Mar-2011

8:00am - 10:00am

congotronics, fond of tigers, gang of four, aparat, afrocubismo, husky rescue,

Gaddafi Duck, Civilized Tyrany, Communicated Democracy, Chinese five year plan, American news media, Murdoch patrol, falling birds

Track Listing:

Aparat · dj kicks
Telefon Telaviv · dj kicks aparat
afrocubismo · afrocubismo
travel broadens the mind
Deerhoof Vs Kasai Allstars · tradi-mods vs rockers
my baby
balkan beat box · blue eyed black boy
nyeka nyeka
jolie holland & Joel Hamilton · tradi-mods vs rockers
anthony & the Johnsons · thank you for your love
a fruitfly in the beehive
Gang of four · content
land dispute
Aksak Maboul vs Kasai Allstars · tradi-mods vs rockers
a revolution with a happy ending
corbin Murdoch · wartime lovesong
continent and western
fond of tigers · continent & Western
fond of tigers · continent and western
juliet palmer · musicworks 108
fast lane
Husky Rescue · ship of light
kitto ne
tim gerwing · chikatetsu
only and expert
laurie anderson · homeland