End Of The World News Episode June 3, 2010

Broadcast on 03-Jun-2010

8:00am - 10:00am

Tracey Thorne, Bonobo, Fatboy Slim, Emelda Marcos, the orb, adamski, schneider TM, Unkle

Gaza flotilla, gulf oil, ventner's synthetic genome, blowing up church donations

Track Listing:

oh, the divorces
Tracey Thorne · love and its opposite
never so big
Sia, David Byrne, Fatboy Slim · here lies love
bonobo · black sands
American Troglodyte
David Byrne · Here Lies Love
john brown's body · amplify
land of green ginger
the orb · back to mine
never going down again
adamski · back to mine-faiythless
the light 3000
schneider TM vs KPT · back to mine - the orb
Drumheller · glint
picture that
the olympic symphonium · chapter 1
chicatetsu 2
tim gerwing · chicatetsu
track 3
Michael Chase · 5 miles out
be mankan
toumani Diabate/ Ali Farke Toure · ali and toumani
falling stars
unkle · where did the night fall
sweetest kill
broken social scene · forgiveness rock record