End Of The World News Episode May 21, 2009

Broadcast on 21-May-2009

8:00am - 10:00am

Geoff Berner, Mahotella Queens, Elvis Costello, Booker T, NASA, ee cummings, aerosmith,

Self interest and reincarnation, Norway surges, emission controls in the US, copyright, the end of the age of free, dimming sun, corruption in parliament, California goes broke

Track Listing:

weep bride weep
Geoff Berner · the wedding dance of the widow bride
mama don't ever go away
Deedee Bridgewater · red earth
come together
Aerosmith · greatest hits
Doves · kingdom of rust
a child's introduction to drums
ruckus robotics · playing with scratches
widow bride
Geoff Berner · widow bride
take your breath away
Gui Boratto · take my breath away
get on the bus
Delhi 2 dublin · remixed
hey ya
booker t · potato hole
sorrows drown
Catherine MacLellan · water in the ground