End Of The World News Episode February 19, 2009

Broadcast on 19-Feb-2009

7:00am - 9:30am

war and banana peels shut up stan

Track Listing:

catfood supa chunka
rockers hi fi · intro
come back again dub
rockers hi fi · mish mash bonus disc
just dance/nwo
lady gaga /new order · dj earworm
viva lapop mashup
united states of pop · dj earworm
mr bubble head
fun -da -mental · seize the time
dj control
wamdu kids · wamdu works
there's aslight that never goes out
dalminjo · 12 inch cover
love comes first
tecno squirrels
quailty +service psa
hamburglers · macdonalds
future a journey
fluke · mulder/mix
10.000 hits
princess superstar · my machine
if the cap fits
bob marley · rastaman vibrations
tosca · chillin at the playboy mansion
havey haley hix
stereo lab /high lammas · the now sound
banana peel
kid 606 · resilence
pickup truck gorilla
dr otctegon · return of dr o
go home
jacqueline perez · swingin 1960 french pop
presure drop
toot &the maytels · true love/clapton
pure jam
senour coconut · yellow fever
play play · dont know
2002 hit song
hush puppies · the now sound reworked
sgt peppers paradise
jimmi james · mashupcolections voll2
tunstall cali hadock
filla brazilia · power clown
central industrial
fsol · accelrator
c moon
wings · red rose speedway
back to mine
micky green · sub sub