End Of The World News Episode July 24, 2008

Broadcast on 24-Jul-2008

8:00am - 10:00am

1 Giant Leap, Steinski, Big Blue Ball, Burundi, Sergio Mendes, Tangle Eye

Tim Falconer interview "Drive" Our love affair with the car. Urban Sprawl or human contact.

Track Listing:

drummers of Burundi
Umve mama · Africa
Games Without Fronteers
Karma Mix · Peter Gabriel
skin lake
Judge Dredd · the dawning of a new era
la comuna · natura
funky bahia
Sergio Mendes · encanto
after hours
we are scientists · brain thrust mastery
DJ Rekha · Basement Bhangra
The Boho Dance
bjork · tribute to Joni Mitchell
lonely days
the gertrudes · the gertrudes
hush hush
Heather Blush and the uppercuts · vice
lynn Jackson · soft stars
1 Giant Leap · what about me
big blue ball · big blue ball