End Of The World News Episode January 31, 2008

Broadcast on 31-Jan-2008

8:00am - 10:00am

Sly Stone, Nina Simone, Tony Allen, Charlie Parker,

Millenium Corp, shallow perception, Lucifer Effect, Sea Shepherd

Track Listing:

good bait
Nina Simone · little girl blue
Afro Novalima · Afro Novalima
star eyes
Charlie Parker · yardbird suite
Don't call me nigger whitey
Sly Stone · The Essential
Call me superbad
James Brown · dynamite x
dear prudence
OHN · Revolutionary Revolution
the penguins · had to be
the mandarins · tiny stages
oh my god
Mark Ronson · Version
atomic tape
chris Joss · teraphonic overdubs
hail hail
the feminists · can't scream loud enough
sleep holiday · te sleep of reason
luke doucette · blood's too rich