Electronic Alice Episode June 18, 2015

Broadcast on 18-Jun-2015

12:03pm - 1:00am

The Fall - Shoulder Pads 1 (Bend Sinister)
slam dunk - dying breed (welcome to miami)
Downtown Boys - Slumlord Sal (s/t)
Cult Babies - Minokawa (s/t)
energy slime - star on the ground (new dimensional)
Leon Patriz - Penguin (Nice Try)
monomyth - patsy (saturnalia regalia)
Faith Healer - Infinite Return (Cosmic Troubles)
Nap Eyes - The Night of the First Show (Whine of the Mystic)
Tough Age - Flotsam (I Get the Feeling Central)
Watermelon - Hell Mouth (Cassette)
Moss Lime - Fish N Chips (July First)
Adrian Teacher & the Subs - Old Graffitti (Sorta Hafta)
Moon - Gemorrah (s/t)
Project Pablo - Movin' Out ("I Want to Believe")