Electronic Alice Episode June 11, 2015

Broadcast on 11-Jun-2015

12:04pm - 1:08am

Thrush Hermit - the day we hit the coast (Clayton Park)
Coconut Records - West Coast (Nighttiming)
The New pornographers - War on the East Coast (Brill Bruisers)
John Fahey - West Coast Blues (The Legend of Blind Joe Death)
The Fall - Gotta See Jane (Are You Are Missing Winner)
The Hanoi Janes - The Boys Are Out (Year of Panic)
The Sandwitches - Sunny Side (Our Toast)
The Weather Station - Way It Is, Way It Could Be (Loyalty)
Jenny Hval - That Battle is Over (Apocalypse, Girl)
Jim O'Rourke - Half-Life Crisis (Simple Songs)
Freelove Fenner - Pineapple Hair (Pineapple Hair)
Moss Lime - July First (July First)
Glass Candy & the Shattered Theatre - Bicycleta Emotional (Fall 2002)