Electronic Alice Episode May 14, 2015

Broadcast on 14-May-2015

12:03pm - 1:04am

White Poppy - Confusion (Natural Phenomena)
Freelove Fenner - New Direction (In the Bottle Garden)
Brave Radar - Out of Reach (Message Centre)
Mac DeMarco - The Way You'd Love Her (Another One)
OK Vancouver OK - Building A Way (Influences)
Steve Adamyk Band - Suicide (Dialtone)
Tough Age - We're Both to Blame (s/t)
Babysitter - Real Wild Child's Gone Totally Mild (Tape III)
Ace Martens - Waiting (Silent Days)
Gal Gracen - Infinity (Pop Alliance III)
Whitney K - Beat Shake (Mixtape)
N.213 Group Vision - Onus in Time (s/t)
Adrian Teacher & the Subs - Thriftin' On a Sunday (Sorta Hafta)
Julie Doiron - Consolation Prize (I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day)
Elevator To Hell - Each Day For a Week (Parts 1-2)
Cult Babies - Minokawa (s/t)
Brave Irene - Tangled Line (s/t)
Supermoon - Powersuits (cometlovejoy)
Willie Dunn - I Pity the Country (Native North America)