Electronic Alice Episode November 6, 2014

Broadcast on 06-Nov-2014

11:59am - 1:05am

Shamir - On the Regular (On the Regular)
Tiga - Bugatti (Bugatti)
Jack J - Take It To The Edge (Mood Hut 12")
Sinoia Caves - Forever Dialating Eye (Beyond the Black Rainbow OST)
Jay Holy - She Said Destroy (Ottobre)
Chromatics - At Your Door (8 Track Demo)
Parkay Quarts - Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth (Content Nausea)
The Courtneys - Mars Attacks (featuring Young Braised) (Mars Attacks)
young braised - life is good (japanese tendencies)
Needles//Pins - Shamebirds (Shamebirds)
Rec Centre - Laser Floyd (Monster of the Week)
Moss Lime - Calabria 2014 (July First)
creaks - daydream (daydream)
Ariel Pink - Picture Me Gone (Pom Pom)