Electronic Alice Episode February 6, 2014

Broadcast on 06-Feb-2014

12:01pm - 1:05am

Blood Orange - Time Will Tell (Cupid Deluxe)
Michael Rault - Too Bad So Sad (Too Bad So Sad)
Perri - Edmonton (Beach Ball)
Juan Waters - Escucho Mucho (N.A.P. North American Poetry)
role mach - holy shades of night (holy shades of night)
Candela Farm - Wounded Anemone (Wounded Anemone)
KMVP - Montreal Screwjob (Sweatbands Understand)
Mu - To Be Young (s/t)
Bobby Draino - Dark Money (Demo)
Jack Jutson - The Babylon Nightclub Demos & Dubs, Part 3 (C'est Life)
Yumi Zouma - Salka Gets Her Hopes Up (s/t)
Warm Soda - Young Reckless Hearts (Young Reckless Hearts)
Perfect Pussy - Driver (Say Yes To Love)
Colin Cowan & The Elastic Stars - Fall Paths (Fall Paths)