Electronic Alice Episode October 3, 2013

Broadcast on 03-Oct-2013

12:05pm - 1:10am

(Smog) - Our Anniversary-Supper
Diana - Anna-Perpetual Surrender
Weird War - AK-47-If You Can't Be 'Em, Bite 'Em
Anna King - I Found You-Back To Soul
The Unicorns - Les Os-Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone
Sufjan Stevens - Holland-Greetings from Michigan
The Hidden Cameras - Ban Marriage-Smell of Our Own
Paul Jacobs - Fuck School-Coffin Ride
the everywheres - laughlines-slow friends
The Blind Shake - 2 Porto Alegre-Key To A False Door
Cult Babies - Good Death-s/t
Watermelon - Kill Two Birds-s/t
white poppy - dizzy-s/t
Movieland - Craigslist-blows up
The Champs - Nite Owl-Lux & Ivy's