Electronic Alice Episode July 18, 2013

Broadcast on 18-Jul-2013

12:05pm - 1:05am

Love - Bummer in the Summer (Forever Changes)
Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrech - Hang on to Life (Hang On To Life)
Part Time - I Want to Go (PDA)
White Poppy - Green & Growing (Drifter's Gold)
White Poppy - In The Sun (Drifter's Gold)
White Poppy - Wear Me Away (s/t)
My Friend Wallis - Better Things To Do (Student Loan Records Watermelon split 7")
Dead Ghosts - Tea Swamp Rumble (Can't Get No)
Peace - The Dark (My Face)
Sean Nicholas Savage - You've Changed Me (Other Life)
Mi'ens - Tweenage Tweeter (s/t)