Electronic Alice Episode March 8, 2012

Broadcast on 08-Mar-2012

12:07pm - 1:09am

Le Tigre, LT Tour Theme
Frankie Rose, Night Swim
The 6ths, San Diego Zoo (with Barbara Manning)
Wild Flag, Romance
Cat Power, He War
Grimes, Venus In Fleurs
Katie Stelmanis, Believe Me
Kreviss, Cake Walk
Gaze, Shady
Mirah, Don’t Go
Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano, Bag Full of Spiders
The Blow, Let’s Play Boys Chase Girls
Lois Maffeo and Brendan Canty, You Love Your Wounds
Tyranahorse, Joy Wolf
Kellarissa, Flamingo
The Roches, The Train