Electronic Alice Episode December 8, 2011

Broadcast on 08-Dec-2011

12:04pm - 1:04am

John Maus, Cop Killer
Blouse, Time Travel
Blackout Beach, Be Forewarned, The Night has Come
Fine Mist, Out of Love (No Kids remix)
Babysitter, Paralyzer Paunch
Sleuth, Doris Day
Mac DeMarco, Rock 'n Roll Nightclub
Aaron Read, Woman in the Dunes
Quaker Parents, When You Can't Beat The Dream
Guided By Voices, Doughnut For A Snowman
Yacht, I Walked Alone
Painted Palms, Falling Asleep
Machu Picchu, All I Want for Christmas is a Hoverboard
Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians of the British Empire, Pete Townsend's Christmas

I'm away the next three weeks. CJ has generously offered to fill in for me. Thanks pal!

Back again on January 5th!