Electronic Alice Episode January 27, 2011

Broadcast on 27-Jan-2011

12:02pm - 1:00am

Ty Segall, Can't Talk
Crystal Stilts, Shake The Shackles
Chains of Love, Breaking My Heart
Earth Girl Helen Brown, Hit After Hit
Sonny & The Sandwitches, Throw My Ashes Off The Pier When I Die
Kellarissa, Passages
Brave Irene, No Fun
Stefana Fratila, I Love My Face When I Am In Love
The 6ths, Night Falls Like A Grand Piano
The Finches, The River in Edo
Hercules & Love Affair, My House
Tennis, Marathon
The Granny Smiths, Boom Boom
Bummer High, Cabin Fever
Duffy and the Doubters, Ouija Bored