Electronic Alice Episode January 6, 2011

Broadcast on 06-Jan-2011

12:02pm - 1:02am

Rose Melberg, This Will Be Our Year
Slam Dunk, It's Only Fun
Duffy & The Doubters, Planet of Vampires
Peace, Fucked Weird
Diamond Rings, All Yr Songs
Sean Nicholas Savage, Oo La La
Blue Hawaii, Dream Electrixra
Grimes, Venus In Fleurs
Destroyer, Savage Night at the Opera
Dirty Beaches, Black Cadillac
My Friend Wallis, 01-05-11
Cuckolds, Under the Table
International Falls, Wine Nights
Plumtree, Scott Pilgrim
Sex Bob-Omb, We Are Sex Bob-Omb
Defektors, Doomsday Girl