Electronic Alice Episode July 29, 2010

Broadcast on 29-Jul-2010

11:59am - 1:00am

Selçuk alagöz, Bağ Bozumu
Bariş Manço & Kaygisilzlar, Big Boss Man
Cosmetics, Sleepwalking
Teen Daze, Gone For The Summer Pt 2
Fine Mist, Heart Attack
Mirah, Gone Are All The Days (Disco Mix)
Diamond Rings, Show Me Your Stuff (Live)
Mantler, Also Close To The Rainbow
Tennanger, Alone On Acid
Dbl Dragon, Holiday
Secret Cities, Pink Graffiti Pt 1
Dominant Legs, Clawing Out At the Walls
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, The Drummer