Electronic Alice Episode January 29, 2009

Broadcast on 29-Jan-2009

12:02pm - 1:01am

Bee Gees, To Love Somebody
Ben Gibbard & Feist, The Train Song
Thee Oh Sees, Carol Ann
The Parenthetical Girls, A Song for Ellie Greenwich
No Kids, Old Iron Gate
Apollo Ghosts, Yan's Going Back to Peking, Man
Apollo Ghosts, Little Yokohama
Fanshaw, Strong Hips
Jason Zumpano, The Lofty Trade of Letters
Rose Melberg, Each New Day
Junior Major, I Still Don't Hate You
Hank, Distraction
The Blankket, No Rainbows
One Hundred Dollars, Migrant Workers
The Awkward Stage, The Morons Are Winning