Electronic Alice Episode May 1, 2008

Broadcast on 01-May-2008

11:59am - 1:02am

Paul Giovanni (The Wicker Man), Maypole Song
Jonathan Halper (Puce Moment), Leaving My Old Life Behind / I am a Hermit
Anton Karas (The Third Man), Third Man Theme
Mulatu Astatke, (Broken Flowers), Yegelle Tezeta
Francis Lai, (Un Homme et Une Femme), Un Homme et Une Femme Theme
Russ Tamblyn & The Jets (West Side Story), The Jet Song
Susan Sarandon (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me
Prince (Batman), Batdance
Townes Van Zandt (The Big Lebowski), Dead Flowers
Harry Nilsson, (Midnight Cowboy), Everybody's Talkin'
Mark Mothersbaugh (Life Aquatic), Ping Island
Folk Implosion (Kids), Natural One