Electronic Alice Episode December 27, 2007

Broadcast on 27-Dec-2007

12:01pm - 1:59am

Panda Bear, Bros
Caribou, Sundialing
Vashti Bunyan, Some Things Just Stick In The Mind
The Primitives, The Ostrich
Smith, Baby, It's You
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Tell Me
Cave Singers, Seeds of Night
Fanshaw, Strong Hips
OK Vancouver OK, Pink and Blue
Evaporators, Sasquatch and Me Ate Berries For Free
Caravan, Zuszika
Collapsing Opposites, Outside Problems
Shearing Pinx, Blood Corridor
Mutators, Paper Words
Bison, Wartime
Justice, Genesis
LCD Soundsystem, All My Friends
Rolling Stones, Under My Dub
R Kelly v Broken Social Scene, I'm A Flirt (Shoreline)
Julie Doiron, Woke Myself Up
Bill Callahan, Day
Jason Anderson, Saturday Night
Coconut Records, West Coast