Duncan's Donuts Episode August 18, 2022

Episode 729 ~ August 18th, 2022: Go Sing It on the Mountain

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Shane Turner calls in from his mountain-top tower lookout to chat about his Mountain Mansion project, life as a fire lookout & the tight-knit tower community. Listen to the album here: https://shaneturner.bandcamp.com/album/songs-from-a-fire-tower-3

Track Listing:

Song For A Future Generation
The B-52s · Whammy!
Tornado Mountain
Mountain Mansion · Songs From A Fire Tower
Fog Walker Of Copton Ridge
Mountain Mansion · Songs From A Fire Tower
Tiara Peak
Mountain Mansion · Songs From A Fire Tower
Astral Swans
What Calms You Down, Freaks Me Out · All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson
Julie Byrne
Sleepwalker · Not Even Happiness
Brave Parents
Locus Of Control · Someone to Jump Out At You
Shane Turner Overdrive
Wigs · s/t
The Choir Practice
Failsafe · s/t
One PM Again
Yo La Tengo · I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One
Voice Leading
Kellarissa · Voice Leading