Duncan's Donuts Episode February 10, 2022

Episode 709 ~ February 10th, 2022: It's still...FUNDRIVE 2022!

12:03pm - 1:03pm

FunDrive 2022 is about to wrap up! Thanks to everyone who pitched in, and if you haven't yet and you have some funds to spare, take a peek at:
Excellent swag, and if you donate $100 to D's Ds, I'll take you on a birdwatching day trip. Kinda odd, kinda fun? Sure! There are plenty of fish in the C(iTR)! Please show your love to the station.
In addition to grovelling for money, I play new tunes from Jack J! Frog Eyes! Lily Konigsberg's new joint My Idea! Lucu Dacus! Helena Deland! Tess Roby! Wonderful tunes all the time. #Blessed

Track Listing:

Down at the Sea
Beat Happening · s/t
Only You Know Why
Jack J · Opening the Door
Cry MFer
My Idea · Cry MFer
Kissing Lessons
Lucy Dacus · Kissing Lessons
When You Turn on the Light
Frog Eyes · The Bees
Sea of White
Tough Age · s/t
He Went Down to the Sea
The Monks · Black Monk Time
Helena Deland · Swimmer
Ideas of Space
Tess Roby · Ideas of Space
Etran de L'Aïr · Agadez
Flying Fish
Jazz Ali · Bussa's Rebellion
Next To You and the Sea
Woods · Strange to Explain
Fish Fry
Big Black · Songs About Fucking
Back To the Sea
The Sandwiches · How To Make Ambient Sadcake