Duncan's Donuts Episode January 27, 2022

Episode 707 ~ January 27th, 2022: Pull Back the Sky

12:03pm - 1:03pm

It's a SOCAN special. And we have NEW music from Liv of Fanshaw! Her new band is called Plum, and their songs are delicious
so sweet
and so cold

Also! New Apollo Ghosts, Blue Hawaii, TEENANGER, Leon Patriz & Golden Age of Wrestling. Fun times.

Track Listing:

Kellarissa · Moon of Neptune
Pull Back the Sky
Plum · Pull Back the Sky
In The Dark
Rapport · In The Dark
Blue Hawaii · My Bestfriend's House
Grass Mask
Gal Gracen · Fantasy Gardens
Pink Tiger
Apollo Ghosts · Pink Tiger
Loving · If I Am Only My Thoughts
On My Mind
Kylie V · Big Blue
Et Mon Amour
Julie Doiron · I Thought of You
Good, You?
TEENANGER · Good, You?
I Was Around Before Any of You Were Born
Chris-A-Riffic · TREATS
A Flashy Baritone
The Cyrillic Typewriter · Buzz
The New Telepathy
House Wind · Great Art IsOur Weapon of Choice
Wendy Witchcult
Freelove Fenner · Pineapple Hair EP
Some Eyes
Muncho Joe · Bread Dough Rising
instant coffin
The Golden Age of Wrestling · Crossface Chicken Wing