Duncan's Donuts Episode October 7, 2021

Episode 692 ~ October 7th, 2021: Qu'est ce-que c'est?

12:03pm - 1:01pm

It's very nice that David Byrne found drum machines in the 80s. New tunes from Tirzah, Grimm, Le Ren, Big Thief & the lovely Lily Konigsberg.

Track Listing:

Waiting To Know You
The Fiery Furnaces · Bitter Tea
Tirzah · Colourgrade
Just Say No! To Infinity
Grimm · Electro Folklore
stuck in fuchsia
redress · meadowrunning
No One Left in the World to Hold Me Tight
War of the Roses · Consent
Unbolted Cover
Hélene Barbier · Regulus
Sitting in the Park
Quix*O*Tic · Mortal Mirror
May Hard Times Pass Us By
Le Ren · Leftovers
Big Thief · Change
Proud Home
Lily Konigsberg · Lily We Need To Talk Now
East Van Warped Tour
Rec Centre · Pep Talk
Body Breaks · Bad Trouble
Soft Rock
Great Aunt Ida · Unsayable
Psycho Killer (live)
Talking Heads · Stop Making Sense