Duncan's Donuts Episode December 31, 2020

Episode 658 ~ December 31st, 2020: A NYE Best of 2020 Special

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Thinking back on this, our pandemic year 2020. Pretty overwhelming! While live music stopped, we can be thankful for all of the excellent recorded music that was released. If you like these tunes and have the means, consider buying them from the artist on Bandcamp! I picked Cindy Lee for my first annual "artist of the year," but there were so many great artists putting out music this year.

Thanks for listening this year, and I hope you have a safe and healthy and not-so-gloomy 2021.

Track Listing:

Bondage of the Mind
Cindy Lee · Cat O' Nine Tails
No Landscape
The Cyrillic Typewriter · Permanent Colours
Waits For Me
Better Alone
Lucky · We'll Find the Time
Eye Twitch (Nice Apple cover)
Apollo Ghosts · Local Delivery Only
Sick of You
SBDC · The Feeling of Winning
Not a Holiday
Cult Babies · Not a Holiday
Never As Close
Pale Red · In the Pink EP
Mirepoix · Moon in Taurus
The Vehicle
Pinch Librarian · Demos
Prado · Strip
Biawanna · Mello
Pantayo · s/t
The Golden Age of Wrestling · Tombstone Piledriver
Kinda Dark
Destroyer · Have We Met
Light In My Loafers
Non La · Not In Love
Penny Current Suppression Ring
Tough Age · Which Way Am I?
Tonk · Songs To Glorify Th e Peasant and His Tractor
Income Tax
P'tit Beliveau · Greatest Hit Vol 1
Direct Sunlight
TOPS · I Feel Alive
Talking To My Plants
Gum Country · Somewhere
Make Me Strange
Shrouded Amps · Make Me Strange
Tears In Our Eyes (Live)
Strap · Fishbowl Sessions: Live from CiTR 2020