Duncan's Donuts Episode September 6, 2020

Episode 641 ~ September 6, 2020: A Duncan's Donuts at the Victory Square Watch Party Special!

7:54pm - 8:39pm

The Block Party is a no go this year, but the Watch Party is ON. Green light. Let's goooo!

Some mostly local tunes and an interview with Dumb just before their live set. Folks, let me tell ya: I have missed live music. This was all wonderful. Thanks to Red Gate, the bands, and the CiTR crew for putting on such an excellent show. Catch the video stream here: citr.ca/watch

Track Listing:

Escape the Law
Jerk Jails · Intra Slop
Victory Square
Adrian Teacher and the Subs · Terminal City
Waits For Me
Today or Tomorrow
Gal Gracen · Fantasy Gardens
Better Alone
Lucky · We'll Find Time
V V V (They Lie)
Pantayo · Pantayo
Direct Sunlight
TOPS · I Feel Alive
Plant Life
shitlord fuckerman · Music Is Over!
Vivaldi My Repltile
Devours · Iconoclast
Cool When Yr Old
P'tit Beliveau · Greatest Hits Vol 1
I'm so alone!!!
future star · hallelujah i'm alone forever
Never As Close
PALE RED · In The Pink
milk · Mattress Ranch
Tonk · Songs to Glorify the Peasant and his Tractor
Pig in a Poke
Shrouded Amps · Make Me Strange