Duncan's Donuts Episode May 14, 2020

Episode 630 ~ May 14th, 2020: "Ariel Pink!" "It's not what you think"

12:08pm - 1:09pm

Alice crashes the proceedings and new music from SHROUDED AMPS! ORA COGAN! DIRTY PROJECTORS! DERADOORIAN! BRIGID DAWSON (ex-Oh Sees)! HIMALAYAN BEAR! and SNEAKS! Plus new old music from Ariel Pink and a long lost album from MIREPOIX sees the light of day!

Pre-empted next week, but make sure to tune in for Access Day!

Track Listing:

I am suffering
Agongo · This is Kologo Power!
The Ink Spots · Popular Favourites
Doctor, You Die
Shrouded Amps · Make Me strange
Ora Cogan · Bells in the Ruins
Your Family
Austra · HiRUDiN
Lose Your Love
Dirty Projectors · Flight Tower
Saturnine Night
Deradoorian · Saturnine Night
The Fool
Brigid Dawson & the Mother's Nature · Ballet of Apes
Ariel Pink · House Arrest
I've Been There (Haven't We All)
Sugarglider · Demos II
Mirepoix · Moon in Taurus
Dark Eyes
Himalayan Bear · Let's Hope the Roof Stays On
Dark Eyes
Fanshaw · Dark Eyes
The Line
Westerman · Your Hero is Not Dead
Goth Roulette
The Golden Age of Wrestling · Tombstone Piledriver
Mars in Virgo
Sneaks · Mars in Virgo