Duncan's Donuts Episode August 8, 2019

Eleanor's Eclairs ~ August 8th, 2019

12:04pm - 1:02pm

Surprise! This episode of Duncan's Donuts is actually an episode of Eleanor's Eclairs, hosted by former Femconcept host Eleanor. While Duncan enjoyed his vacation I enjoyed playing some songs by local bands playing at The Toast Collective for 'Its The New Thing' as well as some new releases I've been enjoying this summer.

Track Listing:

Teeth Mountain
The Trolls · Treasure Mountain EP
Trash Kit · Horizon
Oblomov's Theme
Oblomov · Demos 2019
Pukesword · Haw
Tears in our Eyes
Strap · Single
I'm In Love With Regina George
Ghost Thoughts · DABDA
Ghost Lover
Las Robertas · Cry out Loud
Teenage Cleopatra
The's · The's
All Mirrors
Angel Olsen · All Mirrors
Juice Girls · Juice Girls
Half Colored Hair
Black Belt Eagle Scout · At the Party With My Brown Friends
Görünmez Hava
Anadol · Uzun Havalar