Duncan's Donuts Episode June 27, 2019

Dora's Danishes 2.0: America Runs on Dora

11:59am - 1:03pm

The guest host so nice, they did it twice.

Track Listing:

We'll Find Time Somewhere
Lucky · DEMOS
Dog Song
Sylvia Wrath · [single]
Carson City
OBLOMOV · Demos 2019
Clean and Clear
Tough Customer · Darlene
Winona Forever · Feelgood
Mountain Queen
Syngja · [single]
Good Time Charlie
PRIESTS · The Seduction of Kansas
Extra Pair of Socks
LEMONGRAB · It Doesn't Sound Good but It Feels Awesome
Kill, Kill, This is Pop
D.O.A. · 1978
summer haze
Marigold · change can be a softness
Lunar Gemini
Polly Dactic · Half Nermal EP
Megamall · Demos