Duncan's Donuts Episode June 20, 2019

Episode 591 ~ June 20th, 2019: Danger Bay Dad

12:00pm - 1:03pm

New music from Bill Callahan, Pudding, Sheer Mag & Dumb. And, celebrating the Gram Parsons resurrection (not literally).

Track Listing:

Tomorrow Never Comes
Honey Harper · Tomorrow Never Comes
The Ink Spots · Popular Favourites
Bill Callahan · Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest
Big Thief · UFOF
Women in Fiction
Verdigirls · Small Moves
The Hard Part Begins
Gal Gracen · The Hard Part Begins
Mouth Burned My Tongue
Neptune's Daydream · Demo
LAPS · Soon Not Often In It
Are We Awake?
Co-op · III
Soul Patch
Tough Customer · Darlene
Revered · With some amusement.
Baby Tax
Pudding · Pop Over
Blood from a Stone
Sheer Mag · A Distant Call
Content Jungle
Dumb · Club Nites
Rapport · Unconscious
The Race
?tella · The Race