Duncan's Donuts Episode February 28, 2019

FunDrive 2019 kickoff

3:59pm - 4:17pm

I helped kickoff the start of this year's FunDrive. Played a slightly altered version of Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" and "Ruby" by Silver Apples.

Support CiTR if you can: citr.ca/donate! In addition to the station's great incentives, I'm offering:
- At the $30 level, a Duncan's Donuts 60min Workout Mix. Because if you're going to make it through a dozen dozens, you need stamina and perseverence, and that means trying. This all makes logical sense, trust me.
- At the 101.9fm level, a Dunkerchief. A handmade hankerchief, specifically designed to dust the donut crumbs from the corners of your mouth. Some might say this whole donut thing is played out. To which I say, maybe? These things are still great, though. That's...undeniable.