Duncan's Donuts Episode January 31, 2019

The January 31st, 2019 episode: Ready for Dancing!

12:01pm - 1:02pm

New music from Agony Klub, Braintree, Olivia's World & Deerhunter, and dusting off a great Ronald Langestraat reissue. And, boy, were Bernice lovely live.

Track Listing:

Before We Begin
Broadcast · Haha Sound
The Ink Spots · Popular Favourites
He's the Moon
Bernice · Puff: In The Air Without a Shape
Mystery Hour
Pavo Pavo · Mystery Hour
Technicolour Education
Only A Visitor · Technicolour Education
House Wind · AK05
I'm Ready For Dancing
Ronald Langestraat · Searching
A Lil Close
Sneaks · Highway Hypnosis
Treasures of the Blind
Braintree · Alive Inside
Poverty Porn
Bedwetters Anonymous · mild discomfort
Security Guard · 5 musical journeys to improve social skills and productivity
Hardworking Man
Bored Decor · The Colour Red
Be Afraid · One More Year
Cave Girl · Not Well, Thank You
Cereal Boxes
Olivia's World · Cereal Boxes
A Bigger Picture
Sonny & the Sunsets · Hairdressers from Heaven
What Happens to People?
Deerhunter · Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?
Unlimited Sight
Aaron Read · CiTR Pop Alliance Vol 3