Duncan's Donuts Episode January 3, 2019

The January 3rd, 2019 episode: Wherever you're going, I'm going your way

12:01pm - 1:01pm

Happy new year, folks! Pretty good ep to kick off 2019, if you ask me. New music from Sneaks, Mike Krol, Terry Maple & the artist formerly known as Un Blonde, now known as Yves Jarvis! Plus, a bizarre PNW connection to the theme song I use. Weeeeeeird.

Track Listing:

Moon River
Andy Williams · Moon River and Other Great Movie Themes
The Legend! · Sub Pop single
Do-Nuts (Live)
Everett True with Nirvana · 27/10/90 Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham UK
Safe Little Circles
Go Team · March 1989
Puzzlehead · Artless
Money Don't Grow on Trees
Sneaks · Highway Hypnosis
Always Fine
Lina Tullgren feat NTHNL · Always Fine
Up To Somethin'
MA$$ANK · Up To Somethin'
pudding · Pop Over
I Wonder
Mike Krol · Power Chords
Like Robots
Marked Men · On the Other Side
Read the News
Mope Grooves · Vanished
As You Go
Crepes · In Cahoots
Nicholas Krgovich · "OUCH"
Come Over
The Internet · Hive Mind
fruits of disillusion
Yves Jarvis · The Same But By Different Means
Terry Maple · Family
They Don't Know About Us (Kristy MacColl cover)
Rose Melberg · September