Duncan's Donuts Episode November 8, 2018

The November 8th, 2018 episode: He was never MY Scott Walker

12:04pm - 1:05pm

So long to national disgrace, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, reacquaint yourself with Scott Walker, torch song crooner turned avant garde pop weirdo. Also, new tunes from Deerhunter, Homeshake & Nap Eyes. I'm away next week, see you the week after!

Track Listing:

Black Sheep Boy
Scott Walker · Scott 2
The Ink Spots · Popular Favourites
Death in Midsummer
Deerhunter · Death in Midsummer
Connan Mockasin · Jassbusters
Like Mariah
Homeshake · Helium
Have You Seen the Light
Nap Eyes · Too Bad
Tact of Animals & I Don't See It
Quaker Parents · Eau de Sleeping Brain
Three Imaginary Boys
RickWhiteArchive · Tomorrow
Lithics · Mating Surfaces
Nasty Patterns
Cool Flowers · Nasty Patterns
Julia Holter · Aviary
Neil Young
Jock Tears · Bad Boys
Atropos of Nothing
Alimony · Demo
Non La
Stuff You Can't See
Smithy Ramone · Cursed
Tangled Up in Blue
Bob Dylan · Blood On the Tracks New York Sessions