Duncan's Donuts Episode October 4, 2018

The October 4th, 2018 episode: SOCAN-za bonanza

12:00pm - 1:01pm

(Almost) All-CanCon special. VERY NEW music from the great Smithy Ramone, PLAZAS, and Nicholas Krgovich.

Track Listing:

Our Anniversary
(Smog) · Supper
The Ink Spots · Popular Favourites
Magic Leather Jacket
Smithy Ramone · Cursed EP
boys with bruises
jock tears · bad boys
Stolen Diaries
anybodys · Necessity of Contact
Body of Work / Ritual
Hush Pup · Flower Power
Ephemeral Femmes
PLAZAS · Distant Desires
Shadow Milk
Wallgrin · Bird // Alien
Helena Deland · Altogether Un
Body Lens · Body Lens
I Love Her Beside Me
Chris-A-Riffic · Post-Season
I Like Dot Dot Dot (Live)
Frog Eyes · Live at the Moroccan Lounge
Nicholas Krgovich · "OUCH"
The Radio
Kellarissa · Ocean Electro
Jeremy Dutcher · Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa
Stranger Thoughts
Village · Village