Duncan's Donuts Episode September 13, 2018

The Sept 13th, 2018 episode: Good Things (New Watermelon) Come To Those Who Wait (Five Years!?!)

12:01pm - 1:02pm

You know how TV shows sometimes had that trope about the "long lost episode"? In hindsight, that doesn't really add up, but Watermelon just released a record I had heard rumours of for years, and it's kind of like they just found a long lost record, blew the dust off, and popped it up on Bandcamp. And bless them for doing so. Also, new music from Cindy Lee, Julia Holter, Men I Trust, and Nicholas Krgovich. How about that!

Track Listing:

Watermelon · s/t
The Ink Spots · Popular Favourites
Model Express
Cindy Lee · Model Express
Thom Yorke · Suspiria OST (2018)
I Shall Love 2
Julia Holter · Aviary
Nappy Wonder
Blood Orange · Negro Swan
Bridal Party · Negative Space
Sean Nicholas Savage · SCREAMO
Baby, It's You
Sean Nicholas Savage · Spread Free Like a Butterfly
Me In Glue
Tough Age · Shame
Watching the Wall
Rotten Column · Are We Not Bags?
Anxious Love
Adrian Teacher & the Subs · Anxious Love
Why For
Yuno · Moodie
Barrie · Single
Men I Trust · Single
Nicholas Krgovich · "OUCH"