Duncan's Donuts Episode February 22, 2018

The February 22nd, 2018 episode: Patrick's Paczkis

12:00pm - 1:01pm

In this very special episode of Duncan's Donuts, Patrick of Gal Gracen & Role Mach takes over the hour. He has a chat with Victoria's Elan Noon (who's opening for Faith Healer on March 3rd) and debuts a track from Sigh, Vancouver's most promising new band.

Track Listing:

grow out
karaocake · here & now
electric gestures
scott gilmore · another day
i don't like the name
lily konigsberg · good time
friday morning
kruangbin · con todo el mundo
is this clear ii
laraaji · vision songs vol. 1
could it be
elan noon · have a spirit filled cassette
elan noon · have a spirit filled cassette
parsnip · health
left said
cruel sport · shoelaces
sigh · self-released demo
sleep away your troubles
the softies · holiday in rhode island