Duncan's Donuts Episode February 15, 2018

The February 15th, 2018 episode: so much good new music!

11:59am - 1:02pm

New songs from Eleanor Friedberger, Earth Girl Helen Brown, Beach House, Puzzlehead, La Luz, Cate LeBon, Kellarissa, and more.

Track Listing:

Benton Harbor Blues (Reprise)
Fiery Furnaces · Bitter Tea
The Ink Spots · Popular Favourites
In Between Stars
Eleanor Friedberger · Rebound
Language of Love
Earth Girl Helen Brown · Venus
Lemon Glow
Beach House · Lemon Glow
Puzzlehead · Artless
Floating Features
La Luz · Cicada
Hippo Lite
Drinks · Real Outside
Black Sea
Kellarissa · Ocean Electro
Sudan Archives · s/t
Palm · Rock Island
Year Without Summer
Family Video · Long Time Caller, First Time Caller
Old Projectors
No Museums · It All Begins To Fail
Boyhood · Luvbomb
I Feel Love
Badlands · Slow Growth
Away From Here
Lab Coast · Signal Tracer comp